Trans Desert Transport Co. Ltd. provides a wide area with sophisticated systems for the safe storage of goods.  We have allocated 15,000sqm for outside storage which it provides an open storage with appropriate areas for loading, unloading and moving operations. For indoor storage, we have allocated 10,000sqm for securing goods safety by wrapping, packaging, receipt and delivery operations which guarantees the highest level of control over the movement of the cargoes which eliminates discrepancies.

Trans Desert also provides safe packaging service on some cargoes requiring complete protection. Our inspection team examines the goods and advises the clients which level of protection the cargo will require.

Trans Desert has safe and insured storage facilities in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam.

The insurance coverage of our terminal and its content is SAR40,000,000.00.

Trans Desert has distribution facilities Kingdom wide and our fleet of vehicles makes it possible to make timely deliveries around the Kingdom.

Trans Desert warehouses have CCTV cameras installed strategically for security purposes, which is supplemented with a 24/7 security personnel.